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The Foundation of What We Do

At McQuaig, we understand that people are your greatest asset. Our mission is to empower your organization to make better people decisions, enhancing your ability to hire, retain, and develop talent effectively. Our approach is driven by a deep commitment to understanding the unique needs of both organizations and individuals.


Our Core Beliefs

Defining the Roles Within Organizations is Foundational to All Talent Management Activities

Success starts with a clear definition of roles, emphasizing the importance of "fit" and soft skills alongside traditional qualifications to find or develop the perfect candidate for your unique organizational context.

Better Interviews Result in Better Hires

We elevate the interview process with strong benchmarks and actionable tools, moving beyond gut feelings to data-driven decision-making.

Strong Onboarding Leads to More Successful Employees

Our approach to onboarding centers on treating new hires according to their individual preferences and learning styles, ensuring a smooth and successful transition into your organization.

Self-Awareness is the Biggest Contributing Factor to Individual Success

We believe in the power of self-awareness for sustained individual success. Our tools provide candid feedback and actionable insights for continuous personal and professional growth.

Understanding Others is Key to Maximizing Team Effectiveness

Our solutions enhance team effectiveness by embracing diversity and providing insights into each member's strengths, preferences, and working styles, facilitating a harmonious and productive work environment.


Learn how The McQuaig Way can transform your talent management strategy.

"The McQuaig Way" is about making lives easier through accessible, understandable solutions that minimize implementation burden. Our scientifically validated assessments and dedicated Customer Success team support you every step of the way.