Focus on people, not processes

McQuaig's science-backed HR solutions give you actionable insights about your team, so you can spend time on what truly matters: building meaningful connections and helping your team thrive.


The McQuaig Way

At McQuaig, we blend innovative technology with psychological insights to offer a comprehensive platform designed to elevate your team. Our holistic approach goes beyond filling roles—it's about building a resilient, dynamic, and forward-thinking organization. With McQuaig, you gain the tools and knowledge to understand your colleagues deeply, fostering a culture of growth and success.

Hire: Precision in Every Decision

Hire with Confidence

McQuaig's in-depth assessments empower you to make confident, data-backed hiring choices. Attract and select candidates who will thrive in your organization, ensuring every hire strengthens your team and drives success.

Develop: Unlock Potential at Every Level

Develop Potential

Elevate your team's performance with tailored development programs that drive growth, innovation, and leadership skills. Empower every team member to reach their full potential and make a meaningful impact.

Retain: Cultivate a Culture of Loyalty

Retain Top Performers

Keep your top talent engaged and motivated with strategies and insights that boost retention and job satisfaction. Build a loyal, committed team that drives your organization forward.

Powerful Solutions


Advanced Hiring Insights

Easily identify candidates who will thrive in your culture and elevate your business.


Personalized Growth Plans

Empower every team member with development tools that adapt to their unique strengths and needs.


Comprehensive Onboarding Support

Create a tailored and impactful onboarding experience that ensures new team members feel valued and ready to contribute.


Forward-Thinking Succession Planning

Secure your organization's future with strategic insights that identify and prepare tomorrow's leaders, today.


What our customers say

“McQuaig has provided a ray of light in a room that was pitch black as it has helped illuminate the behavior we are looking for … and has ensured we are hiring the right person for the right job. I can’t imagine hiring without it.”

“I love the McQuaig tool. It’s become a mainstay within both our talent acquisition process as well as within our employee development process.”

"We’ve used the Job Analysis and Word Survey tools for everybody that we’ve placed in the last five years – and they have all proved to be a great fit. In that time, we’ve not had anyone leave the organizations that we’ve placed them in."


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Our Customers

The McQuaig Difference

Why Choose McQuaig?

Scientifically Validated Assessments

Utilize the power of psychological research to deepen your understanding of what motivates your employees and how they can best contribute to your team's success.

Actionable Insights

Receive precise, actionable insights into both individual potential and team dynamics, enabling you to craft effective talent and team development strategies.

Customizable Solutions

Adapt McQuaig's tools to your organization's specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit whether you're nurturing a startup or steering a multinational corporation.

Dedicated Support

Experience industry-leading customer service and access expert guidance to make the most of your talent management efforts.


Ready to put people first?

Let McQuaig help streamline your HR processes so you can focus on what truly matters—your people. Contact us today to learn how our tools can reduce your tech hassle and enhance human connections.