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From Hire to Retire:
Our Comprehensive Process

Role Identification & Customizable Job Profiles

Create ideal candidate profiles to compare candidates against

Determine the essential skills and attributes that foster success in specific roles across three simple methods that help create an ideal job profile, tailored uniquely to your organization and its needs. Leverage predictive hiring data to establish accurate benchmarks, empowering your talent management process with precise and comprehensive job profiles.

Candidate Screening

Implement Efficient and Comprehensive Candidate Evaluation

Measure candidates' personality and cognitive ability against an ideal job profile using any combination of our psychometric assessments. Automatically identify top candidates based on predictive analysis of their potential success, job fit, and cultural alignment. Plus, easily send assessments with a single click, allowing candidates to respond at their convenience, from any device or location.

Candidate Selection

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Confidence

Leverage McQuaig's platform, backed by 50+ years of research, for data-driven candidate assessment that considers personality and behavioural traits. Get instant customized interpretation reports that contain assessment results, standardized interview questions and personalized probes to evaluate job and culture fit. Manage all reports and assessment usage through our intuitive online platform.

Employee and Team Development

Foster Growth, Retention, and Cohesion

Maximize new employees' potential through customized onboarding programs that address skill gaps, capitalize on strengths, and provide areas of improvement. Foster continuous self-awareness and growth through self-development and leadership assessments. Utilize insights to understand and optimize team dynamics for a diverse workforce that thrives on collaboration and mutual understanding.

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