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Remove the Cost of a Bad Hire: How it Works

Role Identification

Customizable Job Profiles 

Define what skills and attributes a candidate needs to be successful in a position. Utilize one of our three easy to implement methods to create your ideal job profile that best suits your team, organization, and role.  

Alternatively, leverage decades of successful predictive hiring data and select from our library of standardized job profiles to create a benchmark you can fairly compare all candidates against.   

Candidate Screening 

Evaluate Each of  Your Candidates  

Using the created job profile as a benchmark, measure a candidate’s personality and cognitive ability with any combination of our psychometric tests and assessments.   

The results will automatically match the best candidates suited to the role based on the predictive analysis of their potential success and their level of job and culture fit.    

Even better, send assessments with the click of a button and allow candidates to respond in their own time from any device or location.   

Candidate Selection 

Leverage Actionable Insight 

McQuaig’s platform leverages multiple internal and external sources of data, empowering you to make accurate, data-driven decisions on a candidate’s fit. With over 50 years of science and research backing up the results, feel confident that each candidate is assessed based on criteria proven to be predictive of job performance while taking personality and behavioural traits into account for job and culture fit.   

Receive a customized interpretation report within seconds of a candidate completing their assessment. These reports are designed to assist your analysis of every candidate by providing clear, easy to read results, standardized interview questions to fairly compare candidates, and personalized interview questions to probe into a candidate’s specific strengths while identifying any potential gaps.   

Access all reports and manage your assessment usage from an online platform that provides total control over how and when you use these tools.   

Employee Development 

Onboard and Plan for Growth

Once a hiring decision has been made, use our guides to generate customized on-boarding programs that will play to natural strengths and manage weaknesses of a new employee and the team they will be joining.   

Foster ongoing self-awareness and growth with our self-development and leadership assessments that will help your employees thrive.  

Better yet, allow your employees control over their own progression by giving them the people analytics and insights needed to drive their own personal development as they move forward towards a long and positive career trajectory within your company.