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The McQuaig System
is a simple, accurate talent assessment tool that empowers you to hire, retain and develop the right people the right way.

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Talent Management Talks

We interviewed some of the top speakers on the HR conference circuit while at HRPA 2015.

Our first video features best-selling author, Scott Stratten discussing talent management, corporate culture, social media’s impact on HR and the alignment between HR and marketing. Click play to hear what he has to say, or click the button below to see all the videos we’ve posted so far.

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Reduce turnover

Reduce Turnover

Increase your retention rates and get better ROI from your recruiting program using the insights that come from knowing how a candidate will behave before you hire them.

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Coaching pyramid

Coach and Develop

Increase productivity and employee engagement by using behavioural insights to leverage people’s strengths; helping hiring managers coach better and employees achieve their maximum potential.

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Online test

I’ve Been Assigned a Survey

Has a prospective or current employer asked you to complete a McQuaig survey? Find out why and what to expect.

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Does succession planning keep you up at night?

4 Steps to Successful Succession Planning

We’ve identified four key steps to successful succession planning in our 40 years supporting companies with their talent management programs. Give them a try and you’ll have an advantage over most companies out there.

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35% of mid-sized companies say it’s hard to fill positions
One-third also say they’re planning to invest in an assessment tool to help them make better hiring decisions, according to the 2014 McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Survey. If you’re one of those, but you’re also concerned about the price of such a system our Unlimited Access Licence may be for you. Unexpected hiring can have you going back to your CFO, cap in hand, to pay for unplanned assessments; or, just as bad, having to forgo assessments because you run out part way through the year. Not with our unlimited plan. Pay less, get more.

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Our latest blog posts

  • Find Fulfilling Work with Roman Krznaric
    In the fifth installment of our six-part video series from HRPA 2015 on Talent Management Talks, I talk with Roman Krznaric, about the search for meaningful work and the value that empathy can bring to an organization. Did you know most people go about finding fulfilling work the wrong way? Roman shares with me a better way to find what's right for you, […]
  • Dr. Nick Bontis: Tips to Manage Information Overload [Video]
    You've got your coffee, nice and hot, you get to your office, drop your bag, fire up the computer and then it hits you. Your inbox is overflowing, your voicemail light is flashing, a look at your calendar shows a full day of meetings staring you in the face AND you've got a list of priorities you can't seem to get to. Sound familiar? I think w […]
  • Liane Davey on Creating High Performance Teams [Video]
    There are so many ways a team can go wrong, but the power to fix them and get on the path to creating high performance teams lies within you. That's the message that Liane Davey explored in her book, You First: Inspire Your Team to Grow Up, Get Along, and Get Stuff Done, and it's what she discussed in her talk at HRPA2015. I caught up with Liane af […]

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How to Choose a Talent Assessment Tool

Talent assessment tools have been shown to increase productivity and reduce recruitment costs, but they’re not all created equally. Make sure you ask these 6 questions before you choose the solution for your organization.

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What our customers are saying
Establishing the right fit is critical and McQuaig has been very helpful in that regard. We need someone whose values and motivations are aligned with ours or success will be an uphill battle.
Bill Stensson, Sheridan Nurseries
The customer support we have received from every employee at McQuaig has been “world class” from the first day and has continued till this day. We see the team at McQuaig as true “business partners” not just a vendor.
J. Ken Bell, CareSouth Homecare Professionals
The McQuaig System is an excellent tool not only for hiring the right people but also for their development. This will help in ensuring some compatibility and will contribute significantly to achieving corporate objectives.
Olivine Barnes, Sagicor Life Jamaica Ltd.

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