The Quick Guide to Personality Assessments

Explore the science and theory behind personality assessments and learn how they can help improve your odds of finding the right candidate to hire for both job and culture fit.

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The science of personality

It's getting easier than ever to apply for a job and with that increase in candidate activity, there's also a increase in the difficulty of finding your next great hire. How do you weed through your interviews? How can you compare candidates fairly? How do you reach a deeper level of understanding about your potential hire that goes beyond their resume? Personality assessments can help answer all those questions and more. When used during the hiring process, they help increase the odds of hiring the right person, decrease the risk of early turnover, and improve team cohesion once a new hire is brought onboard.

Within this eBook you'll find:

Assessments in the real world

Discover stats on how pre-hire assessments are being used and learn about the benefits of adding an assessment step to your hiring process.

Science and theory

Examine how tests are developed and what features to look for when choosing between multiple measures to use with candidates.

Tips for best practice

Explore tips on when and where to use assessments in order to effectively test candidates and better inform your interviews.

Assessments can provide actionable insights into a candidate's behaviour and motivation, making it easier to predict potential future performance. With pre-hire tests, you have a better chance at selecting the right candidate and setting them up for success right from their first day at your company.