The Quick Guide to Company Culture

Learn how to develop, plan, and implement a strong company culture that will help you attract new talent and engage your current employees.

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The importance of culture

It’s hard to talk about talent management these days without bringing up company culture. In fact, when it comes to recruitment, companies are placing more effort than ever before on finding candidates who will fit not just the job requirements, but the company culture as well. With so much importance being placed on having a positive culture, the inevitable question becomes: how do you create one effectively?

Within this eBook you'll find:

What is culture

Explore what company culture is and what voices need to be involved in any culture creation attempt.

10 culture tips

Examine the top 10 characteristics of a strong company culture and how to account for them in your strategy.

How to implement

Learn about the 7 step process of creating a culture plan and implementing it successfully.

A positive culture is a powerful incentive to attract fresh recruits and keep your current staff feeling engaged and productive. It can help boost innovation and decrease turnover while inspiring a sense of community in your workplace. And when your employees look forward to coming to work, everyone wins.