The Quick Guide to Building a Productive Team

Explore effective team communication activities, strategies to improve team dynamics, and tips on improving overall team performance.

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Take charge of team dynamics

Teams and how effectively they work together can lead to a company’s success or failure. How they handle challenges, innovate ideas, and complete tasks help propel a department forward and ensures projects stay on track. But teams are a changeable element of any business and getting them right doesn’t often happen by accident.

How do you address the different ways people work and experience the world? What do you do when there's conflict between teammates? How can you keep everyone on track when opinions differ? The answer lies in team dynamics and learning how to best manage strong-performing individuals into a cohesive, highly productive unit.

Within this eBook you'll find:

Self and team awareness

Learn how to increase both self-awareness and awareness of others within a team setting.

Play to strengths

Play to the natural strengths of the people on your team to increase productivity and employee retention.

Team activities

Discover easy to run activities to help everyone learn about individual differences and communication.

Great productivity comes from teams who can truly understand and support each other. Getting to know their individual strengths and communication styles helps fuel the collaboration and creativity that makes great teams so successful.