The Cost of a Bad Hire

Discover the different elements that go into a hire, the cost of each activity, and refresh your recruitment strategy with some tips on how to hire more effectively

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Hiring the right people can improve workplace productivity, increase team morale, and bring fresh ideas and innovation to your company. But what about when you hire the wrong person? We all know there is a cost involved in correcting a hiring mistake but what exactly is it?

Within this eBook you'll find:

Let's talk numbers

Learn about the average real-world costs of a bad hire broken down by recruitment activity.

Tips and tricks

Find updated statistics on each topic and see what the research is suggesting for the future.

Hire better next time

Strategies to improve your hiring and interview process for your next new employee.

Don't let hiring mistakes impact the success of your company. Bad hires can be avoided and in changing your approach to talent acquisition, you may find it's easier to find those great candidates while bypassing the less successful ones.