The Advanced Guide to Onboarding

Turn your onboarding program up a notch with these alternative approaches and tactics to onboarding that improves learning, strengthens memory recall, and increases employee engagement.

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Take onboarding to the next level

These days, every company has an onboarding program to some extent but with the war for talent raging on, there's always room to give it a boost. This guide goes beyond how to build a traditional onboarding program and explores new tactics and strategies designed not only to help employees onboard faster but also to retain talent longer. With some simple updates and creative tactics, you can design the innovative program your new hires deserve.

Within this eBook you'll find:

What does the research say?

Look at some current stats around onboarding and why it should be a priority for every hiring manager.

Tips and tricks

Explore 16 strategies to help make your onboarding efforts more successful with easy to use tactics.

5 phases of onboarding

Discover the 5 phases every onboarding program should include and how to best support employees in their first year.

Hiring great talent is hard enough in today's job market. Onboarding them successfully when they first start might be the key to retaining your best people long term.