The McQuaig Global Talent Report

Gain insights to improve your talent acquisition and talent management functions from 500 business and talent management professionals from around the world

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Insights that matter on 16 talent management topics

Have you ever wondered what you could do to improve your recruitment process? Have you lamented your turnover rates and wished you could keep your talent around longer in a role? You're not alone! Everyone wants to know what really works when it comes to recruitment and employee development so we went out and asked the questions you want the answers to.

Within this report you will find metrics and information on the topics that matter to you including:

Pre-hire topics

Explore how other companies create their strategies, set their budgets, allocate resources, and source candidates.

Hiring topics

Dive into interview best practices, making the most of the candidate experience, assessment usage, and ATS benefits.

Post-hire topics

Discover attitudes towards onboarding, development best practices, strategies for recruitment marketing and employer branding, and more.

Approximately 500 business and talent management professionals participated in the McQuaig Global Talent Report to share their best practices and insights of how to find the right people for the right roles.