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Empower Your Employees with the McQuaig Self-Development Survey®

In today's competitive market, your company's sustainable advantage lies in retaining and developing your employees. However, with limited budgets and increased demands on managers' time, coaching and mentorship programs can struggle to get the attention and resources they need. Introducing the McQuaig Self-Development Survey (SDS), the next generation of self-assessments designed to empower employees to self-manage their development and align personal growth with organizational goals.

Features of the McQuaig Self-Development Survey

The McQuaig SDS is a versatile assessment tool offering personal insights, actionable feedback, and a structured process to ensure personal development is aligned with your organization's objectives. By providing easy-to-relate-to action items, the SDS addresses the "so now what?" question that many assessment tools fail to answer.

The SDS can be implemented in several ways, such as:

Self-Study: Confidentially delivering reports to employees, empowering them to reflect and act upon their results.
One-to-One Session: A manager or coach provides personalized feedback and guidance based on the results, fostering a dialogue around strengths, areas for improvement, and strategies for growth.
Development Plan Creation: By using the insights gained from the SDS, managers and employees can collaborate to create individual development plans. These plans address identified areas of growth, leveraging strengths, and aligning personal development with the organization's objectives.

The McQuaig SDS is designed to enhance:

Inndividual Development
Performance Management
Career Counseling
Personal Effectiveness

Benefits of the McQuaig Self-Development Survey

Based on over 50 years of behavioral research and validation, the McQuaig SDS helps align talent, motivation, and work by enabling employees to understand and utilize their core strengths. It is cost-effective, simple to administer, and puts the accountability for development firmly in the hands of the employee.

The McQuaig SDS is a powerful addition to the McQuaig suite of tools, designed to support the entire employee life cycle, from pre-hire analysis to coaching, ongoing development, and succession planning.

At McQuaig, we not only help you get the right people on your team - we help you keep them there. Book a demo or contact us today to find out how the McQuaig Self-Development Survey can empower your employees to drive their own personal and professional development, aligned with your organization's goals.