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McQuaig Job Survey®: Define Success Factors for Your Ideal Candidate

Finding the perfect candidate goes beyond just evaluating hard skills like experience and education. Soft skills, such as adaptability, team-orientation, and persuasiveness, are what truly make the difference between success and failure on the job. At The McQuaig Institute, our McQuaig Job Survey helps you objectively define and measure these critical qualities, ensuring you identify the ideal candidate for your organization.

Key Features of the McQuaig Job Survey

21-question survey completed by the hiring manager and job experts
Takes 10 minutes to complete
Can be completed online or via pen and paper
Creates a profile of the ideal candidate
Provides focused, behaviour-based interview questions
Fast Facts: The McQuaig Job Survey®

The McQuaig Job Survey is a practical tool that enables hiring managers and job experts to identify the behavioural requirements for a specific role. The resulting report outlines the strengths an ideal candidate should possess and the management considerations that come with those strengths. It helps managers achieve consensus on job demands and supplies focused behavioral interview and reference checking questions.

How to use the McQuaig Job Survey


Complete the 21-question survey, which takes approximately 15-20 minutes.


Review the report outlining the ideal candidate's strengths and management considerations.


Use the focused behavioural interview and reference checking questions to identify the perfect candidate for the role.


The Job Survey is the critical first step in getting the right people on your team – and keeping them there.

Don't leave your hiring process to chance. Use the McQuaig Job Survey to ensure you're selecting the best candidate for your organization.Request a demo or contact us to inquire further and find out how McQuaig can change the wire you hire and retain talent.