Top 5 Trending Topics of 2019

Review the most popular topics from the 2019 McQuaig blog and see what they can tell us about the talent trends of the future .

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What does the future hold?

2020 marks the start of a new decade, not just a new year, and before we dive into the HR and talent topics coming up, let’s take a moment to look back at the past. What were readers searching for in the past 12 months? What topics gained global attention? How did they impact the talent industry? And most importantly, what can the trends seen in the past tell us about preparing for the future?

Within this eBook you'll find:


Explore 5 key trends from the talent industry in 2019 and learn why they gained popularity.


Find updated statistics on each topic and see what the research is suggesting for the future.


Make crucial improvements with talent management strategies tailored to each trend.

From job hopping to diversity initiatives to recruitment marketing, the way in which we work is constantly changing. Understanding the important topics of the past can help us better prepare for the future.