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Unlock the true potential of your talent acquisition and development strategy with McQuaig's customizable platform. Our scientifically validated assessments and pre-hire testing reveal the hidden strengths of your candidates and help develop their skills throughout their career journey. Say goodbye to high turnover rates and embrace a tailored approach that sets your business apart.

Empower Your Business With our Hiring Solutions

Benchmarking and Defining Roles

Maximize your hiring efficiency by comparing candidates' unique personality traits to specific job benchmarks. Define the ideal candidate profile for each role in your organization and put an end to rapid turnover by identifying individuals who are more likely to excel in their positions and stay longer. Secure and retain top talent with our innovative staffing solution.

Assessments for Shortlisted Candidates

Struggling to choose among multiple qualified candidates? Our cutting-edge McQuaig assessments help you uncover candidates' personality and cognitive abilities and gauge their compatibility with your ideal job profile. Predict future performance, identify skill gaps, and make informed decisions without the guesswork.

Pre-Hire Candidates and Post-Hire Development

Address your talent management needs from hiring to development with our comprehensive solution. Utilize unique personality and cognitive assessments to determine candidates' true abilities and future job performance. Compare multiple candidates to your ideal job profile, and once hired, create personalized onboarding and development plans to nurture their growth. Strengthen team dynamics and foster ongoing development with our self-development and leadership tools.

Experience the full power of McQuaig's suite of tools for unparalleled talent acquisition and development.

Discover McQuaig's Assessments and Platform Features


Gain valuable insights into candidates or employees with assessments that reveal:
• Lasting dispositional qualities
• Potential strengths and areas for development
• Situational adjustment indicators
• Management and coaching tips

Job Profile

Customize benchmarks for every role in your organization to:
• Identify personality traits that drive success
• Compare candidate traits to job profiles for fit assessment
• Probe deeper into candidate gaps during interviews


Equip employees with tools for self-awareness and personal growth:
• Comprehensive analysis of strengths and development areas
• Action items to leverage strengths
• Strategies for effectively managing developmental areas
• Goal-setting worksheets

Leadership Development

Help leaders identify areas for improvement with assessments that:
• Link leadership competencies to personality traits for insightful feedback
• Offer an actionable rating scale
• Simplify administration and completion

Cognitive Ability

Measure cognitive aptitude with a test that assesses:
• Speed of thought
• General intelligence and intellectual agility
• Effective and efficient information processing
• Learning and knowledge application capabilities


Available in various languages, including English, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

Branded Candidate Experience

Offer candidates a seamless, branded hiring experience across all devices and touchpoints. Easily add your logo to emails, reports, and the platform.

Talent Reporting and Insights

Drive data-driven hiring with actionable reports, guides, and analytics on your candidate hiring and development processes.

ATS Integrations

Integrate McQuaig with your ATS for a fully automated hiring process. We've partnered with industry leaders to cater to our global customers' unique needs.

Success and Support

Our customer success team collaborates with you to establish measurable goals and long-term adoption, ensuring maximum ROI. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) conducts regular account reviews to drive continued success. Our talent matching experts support you at every stage of the hiring process, helping you get the most out of our platform.

Experience the Benefits of Improving Hiring Success with McQuaig

Companies that have implemented the McQuaig platform report significant improvements in hiring accuracy and effectiveness worldwide. After adopting our hiring solutions, our customers have experienced:

  • 50% improvement in time to hire
  • 38% reduction in turnover
  • 24% reduction in hiring costs

Elevate your hiring process and optimize your talent acquisition and development strategies with McQuaig. Request a quote today to experience the difference for yourself!