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Our Hiring Workflow and Job Fit Interview Guide help you confirm candidate alignment to your benchmark and explore any gaps. By evaluating candidates using the same criteria as your benchmarks, you reduce human bias and improve the accuracy of your hiring decisions. This ultimately leads to better alignment between candidates and job roles, ensuring lasting success within your organization.

Hiring Workflows

McQuaig’s Hiring Workflows provide a structured framework for screening and assessing candidates throughout the recruitment process. Hiring teams can define a specific role they are recruiting for and manage all of the data for a role in a centralized place – including benchmarks, candidate data, and assessment results. This streamlined approach ensures a consistent and fair evaluation of candidates, enabling hiring teams to make informed decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of role benchmarks and each candidate’s abilities and fit.

Job Fit Interview Guides

Our Job Fit Interview Guides are tailored sets of questions designed to assess candidates' fit for specific roles based on their assessment results. These guides focus on probing candidates' experiences, skills, and behaviours that are directly relevant to the job requirements. By incorporating insights from McQuaig assessments into the interview guides, we empower organizations to structure interviews in a meaningful way that target specific areas of interest, explore potential strengths or concerns identified within the assessments, and gather further evidence to assess candidates' job fit.

Don't let a bad hire derail your organization's progress. Invest in McQuaig's talent management solutions and transform your hiring process into a strategic asset. Experience increased retention, better hires, and a more effective workforce by leveraging our tools for defining roles, screening candidates, and making informed selection decisions. Reach out to us today to learn more about how McQuaig can elevate your talent acquisition strategy.

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Companies that have leveraged the McQuaig platform have improved hiring accuracy and effectiveness around the world. After implementing our hiring solutions, our customers report they have:

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