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McQuaig's Word Survey and Mental Agility Test enable you to narrow down your candidate shortlist by evaluating their personality, cognitive, and behavioural attributes. These assessments provide deeper insights into a candidate's potential, allowing you to focus on those who align most closely with your organization's needs and culture.

Personality Traits

Understanding a candidate's personality traits is crucial for screening purposes. Our assessments can measure traits that can shed light on a candidate's preferred work style, interpersonal skills, and their ability to fit within the organizational culture. By aligning personality traits with job requirements, organizations can identify candidates who possess the right disposition and behavioral attributes for the role, enhancing the likelihood of a successful hire.

Behavioural Attributes

Our assessments also assess an individual's behavioural tendencies, such as leadership potential and teamwork orientation. These tests provide insights into how a candidate is likely to behave in various work situations, helping organizations determine whether they align with the desired behaviours and competencies required for the role. By screening for specific behavioural tendencies, organizations can identify candidates who are well-suited to handle the challenges and demands of the position, ensuring a better job-person fit.

Cognitive Abilities

McQuaig’s assessments can evaluate a candidate's cognitive abilities, such as logical reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. The assessments can help identify individuals with the capacity to learn and the aptitude to handle complex tasks. By assessing cognitive abilities, organizations can gauge a candidate's intellectual potential and their ability to thrive in roles that require high-level thinking and decision-making.

McQuaig solutions offer objective data that enables hiring teams to make more informed decisions about a candidate's potential for success in a specific role. By incorporating McQuaig assessments into candidate screening, organizations can go beyond the surface-level information provided by resumes and interviews and gain a deeper understanding of their candidates.

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