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Who We Are

McQuaig offers an innovative talent platform to drive down hiring costs, increase retention, and develop employees more effectively. McQuaig’s pre-hire assessments provide actionable insights into a candidate’s personality, cognitive, and behavioural attributes and predicts both their chances of success within a role and within the culture of an organization. 

McQuaig has helped organizations take the cost of uncertainty and bias out of the hiring process for over 50 years. Our platform is leveraged in over 30 countries around the world. Contact us today to see what these research-backed tools can do for your company.  

Every company should have a dedicated workforce that meets the needs of their positions and drives the success and growth of their organization forward. McQuaig’s mission is to help companies hire, develop, and retain these employees through targeted hiring solutions, scientific assessments, and dedicated customer support. By combining technology and research, our unique assessment tools are able to provide deeper insight into a candidate that allows employers to make the most informed decision. With McQuaig in your corner, your dream of an ideal team can become a reality.  

These days there’s a new change around every corner so how can you stay ahead of the competition and find great talent in an increasingly diverse marketplace? Candidates are coming from different generations, backgrounds, countries, and with a vast array of personal and professional experiences. Our platform is flexible enough to meet the needs of a varied talent pool, easy enough to control and manage from any device, and accurate enough to uncover candidates who are excellent job and culture matches. Cut through all the noise and get to the heart of who your candidates really are. With multiple translations and customizable reports available, McQuaig helps you not only find your next great hire but allows you to adapt the process to meet your needs. 

The core tenets of McQuaig are more than just buzzwords. Our guiding principles of accountability, teamwork, transparency, balance, and respect are built into every aspect of our company from the relationships we create with clients to the care with which we build and test our assessments. Fast, personal support ensures we’re always a click or call away to answer any questions you may have or to help you to tackle any challenges. Together, we strive to help you find the best new hires in a process that is both insightful and fair so you can make the right hiring decision supported by the right tools.  

Our History

Follow our story right from the start


The newest assessment, Leadership 360 Review, was released to develop employee’s leadership capabilities once hired into an organization. 


The Self-Development survey was released to help foster ongoing personal growth and self-awareness and to continue developing great talent even after a candidate is hired. 


The Mental Agility Test was released, an assessment designed to uncover a candidate’s cognitive abilities.


Moving away from paper-based assessments, the first McQuaig Online portal was created. 


The Job Profile was launched to work together with the Word Survey to not only assess candidates but compare them against an ideal job benchmark.


The McQuaig Institute of Executive Development was launched in Toronto to support the Word Survey which, after ten years of development, was the first of the McQuaig suite of assessments to be released. 


Opening a office in New York, Jack began travelling across the US, Canada, and the UK giving seminars and talks about assessments, hiring, and psychology. 


Jack hired Al Ferguson who became a partner, renaming the company to McQuaig Ferguson. Together, the two men focused on assessing sales and supervisory candidates hoping to be placed at client companies. From this work, the basis of the McQuaig Word Survey was born.


Industrial psychologist Jack McQuaig’s desire to help others led to the launch of his first business, JH McQuaig and Company. School friend and trained psychologist Audrey Joy accepted a role at the office, a woman who would later become Jack’s wife.