The Key to Realigning Dysfunctional Teams and Helping New Teams Gel

In an effective team, each person understands their own strengths and weaknesses, and those of their teammates. Personality assessments are designed to facilitate this understanding, which improves communication and the coordination of roles. This can lead to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Positive organizational culture
  • Employee retention

McQuaig tools are designed to help improve team synergy.
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Team Overview in McQuaig Online to improve employee relations and communication
Team Overview in McQuaig Online to improve employee relations and communication.

Get a holistic look at your team

Understand Yourself
Working well with others requires a high degree of self-awareness. McQuaig personality profile reports thoughtfully explain strengths and developmental areas to each team member, and how those traits can impact relationships within the team.
Recognize Others
Gain insight into the strengths and areas of development of the team as a whole. Improve visibility into team members’ individual preferences for approaching tasks and communicating, while discovering how personality profiles can influence interactions with others.
Adjust Approaches Accordingly
Explore how to tailor communication in ways that can be received positively by each team member and discover how each profile type prefers to send and receive messages, address timelines, manage structure and make decisions. Empower the entire team to use this information and improve communication.

Team effectiveness tools from McQuaig can help managers:

Increase Team Productivity
Humanize Organizational Culture
  • Instill the value of acknowledging the person behind the job
  • Consider employee preferences in every strategic team endeavor
  • Encourage relationship building among personnel
Leverage Useful Tools and Training
  • Compare the profiles of all team members on one page
  • Provide employees with a list of Do’s and Don’ts to use when working with one another
  • Join training sessions devoted to maximizing team effectiveness
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